“If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.”

- John H. Kennell



  • Unlimited email and phone/text support throughout your pregnancy and up to 1 month after the birth

  • 1 prenatal visit where we discuss your birth preferences and go over comfort measures, labor positions, breastfeeding, etc.

  • Assist with developing a birth plan if desired

  • I will be on call and available for you 24/7 from 37 weeks until you give birth.

  • Continuous support throughout the labor and birth

  • Suggest laboring positions

  • Comfort measures including soothing touch

  • Nurturing and protecting your memory of the birth experience

  • Support your partner to participate at his/her comfort level

  • Photograph birth as able and desired by you

  • Lactation support: counseling latch and positioning

  • Resources and referrals as needed and/or desired

  • 1 postpartum visit to process the birth experience and help with any chest/breastfeeding challenges

  • Optional second postpartum visit for additional lactation help

FEE: $1,800


Postnatal care is highly individualized and tailored to each family’s unique needs during the first few weeks with a newborn. I always include one prenatal meeting to discuss and create a postpartum plan. Other types of support could include:

  • Lactation or bottle feeding support

  • Preparation of simple, nutritious meals

  • Light house cleaning such as laundry or dishes

  • Run quick errands or grocery shopping

  • Look after the baby/babies so that new parents can take a nap or shower

  • Provide emotional support by listening and helping to process the birth experience

  • Provide educational support by supplying information about postpartum recovery and newborn care

4 daytime sessions - $640
6 daytime sessions - $960
12 daytime sessions - $1,920

Sessions are usually 4 hours long. Additional time or sessions can be added at $40/hour.

Overnights: (10 hours) 

  • Support with the new baby overnight to help you maximize sleep and recovery

  • Assist with lactation or bottle feeding

  • Burp and change the baby

  • Put the baby back to sleep

FEE: $400



  • 2 prenatal meetings

  • Unlimited phone, email, and text support as needed

  • All birth doula services

  • 3 daytime postpartum doula sessions in the first 2 weeks after the birth

FEE: $2,200


  • Visits typically last approximately 90 minutes- 2 hours

  • Take a full history and assess a full feeding

  • Address questions about sore nipples, supply, positions, etc.

  • Provide a feeding plan to move forward

  • Follow up phone and email support as needed

  • Supply references as needed

    FEE: $150


  • Approximately 3 hours

  • Includes a binder with all the materials covered including

  • Stages of labor

  • Emotional signposts of labor

  • Physiology of labor (optimal fetal positioning, ways to progress, timing of contractions, etc)

  • Labor positions

  • Relaxation exercise

  • Possible interventions

FEE: $300


  • Approximately 90 minutes and we will discuss:

  • Benefits of breastfeeding

  • Benefits of skin to skin and the golden hour

  • 9 stages of a newborn baby

  • How our hormones work

  • How to achieve a good latch

  • What does normal breastfeeding look like

  • When to ask for help

  • Pumping and going back to work

FEE: $150