“I think one of the best things we could do would be to help women/parents/families discover their own birth power, from within themselves. And to let them know it’s always been there, they just needed to tap into it.”

John H. Kennell


"Sophia was a dream to work with. We had done months of research about birth, including taking a birth class together (in fact, one of us works in the medical field), and yet somehow our birth still managed to be totally beyond anything we could have predicted. Her warm and calm demeanor got us through a very rocky and strange (read: insanely long) labor, through all the twists and turns. She helped us not only advocate for ourselves, but also identify what were priorities for us in the birth process. After the birth, she came to check in on me and helped me with resources about baby sleep and breast feeding, but she was also just supportive in general about the realities of the early days which was very reassuring to a first-time mom."

         ~ AWS

"We feel very fortunate to have had Sophia as our doula. She is knowledgeable, comforting, gentle and very caring – terrific all around! It was so reassuring to have her support prior, during and after the birth and we are incredibly thankful for all her help and positive encouragement and we can’t recommend her enough! Thanks Sophia!"

~ CP

"We began searching for a doula when I was midway through my first pregnancy. Once we met Sophia we knew instantly she was perfect for our family and I felt a great sense of relief knowing we had such an incredible support system in place for the birth. The beauty of working with Sophia during labor is that she is able to anticipate what you might need and is so gentle in her approach that you sometimes don’t even feel her presence but as soon as you need her she’s there and she’s ready for anything. I actually remember calling for her more than my husband, and for good reason! During what was a very long and difficult labor Sophia did absolutely everything you could possibly imagine to help with comfort and pain management nausea and especially encouragement when I felt as if I just couldn’t go on. At first I didn’t fully understand what the role of a doula was because it wasn’t medical, but I can say now that she was invaluable to the birthing process. We are so blessed to have had Sophia as our doula and would recommend her highly to anyone!"


“Sophia was an absolute joy to work with as our doula. Throughout the entire experience Sophia was compassionate, attentive, organized, positive, and professional. Going in, we had hoped for a certain level of care from her, and she provided so much more than even what we had expected. In the weeks leading up to delivery Sophia came to our home for two planning visits. She took the time to get to know us and what our hopes and concerns were for the birth and postpartum experiences. Sophia listened and provided resources, but never pushed an agenda. During the birth experience, Sophia was an absolute rockstar -- she worked tirelessly and with enthusiasm, encouraging us throughout the process whether things were going smoothly or differently than anticipated. She worked collaboratively with the hospital team and helped us navigate all the unknowns of a first-time birth experience. After the birth of our daughter Sophia has remained a constant resource for all the little questions. I cannot recommend her more highly!”


“Sophia was an invaluable part of the birth of our first daughter. Her quiet but warm persona immediately put us at ease during our prenatal meetings with her. She was available to us for anything we needed during the lead up to the birth - when I fell at 8 months while my husband was out of the country, she was the first person I was in touch with and her calming nature helped me through that scary day. On the day I went into labor, lots of things happened that we didn't plan on. I was diagnosed with preeclampsia, had to be induced and had blood pressure issues that required me to be heavily medicated during the birth - all things we hadn't considered would happen, especially because I was attempting to give birth without an epidural or other medication. When Sophia got to the hospital, my husband tells me that my entire laboring process changed. Sophia helped me remember all the preparation I had done to achieve my goal of an unmedicated birth. The positions she helped me into, the counter pressure she was able to give me, the breathing she reminded me of, and the calm, gentle, loving presence she brought all were instrumental in me being able to deliver our daughter without an epidural - one of the only pieces of control I felt I had on a day where everything happened very quickly in a way that I wasn't expecting. Sophia came to visit our new family a few days after labor, was a source of wonderful resources that we found very helpful, and generally just made the entire experience so much better than it would have been without her. I am so, so glad we hired her and would encourage anyone else to do the same.”